Shoe-lacing the Country Down to Texas

Grapevine Texas is a suburb of Dallas but it has more concrete ribbon expressways than any other place I’ve ever seen. Even with Google maps it’s hard to follow since they all run so close together. I saw some overpasses literally 5 levels high! We finally found my old friend Terry Mosher’s house at the end of a quiet cul-de-sac in a wooded section that you’d never guess was surrounded by a concrete maze. Terry and his wife Ann are entrenched liberals in a Republican state and his rants on Facebook even with people on his own block are hysterical. He wanted to know how many people were going to be conceal carrying at the block party. Terry has a widely followed food blog “There’s a Hippy in the Kitchen” with followers in dozens of countries. They offered us wonderful hospitality and good food in our brief visit before heading down to Austin to see my daughter Rose.

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