Working Our Way South

October 27-30, 2015

Over the next four days we worked our way south down the Pacific Coast. The area is a mountainous desert. The Saguaro cactus grows in such abundance it is literally like a cactus forest.



As we headed further inland we went through an area that I can only describe as Dr. Zeus like. There was an abundance of these extremely tall tree-like plants that had a thick, straight, tapered trunk with tiny 4-6 inch long branches no bigger around than your fingers. Then popping out of the top of these 20-30 ft. tall “trees” was a very small sprout-like growth completely out of scale with the rest of the plant. Very strange.


A couple of places on our National Geographic “Adventure Travel Map” it showed windsurfing which are generally the same conditions for kiteboarding. One place we stopped had no wind at all and the next it was blowing off-shore, a definite no-go for kiteboarding. I started to get disappointed in our lack of ability to find a good spot to rig a kite and get out on the water. We did meet another kiteboarder however that said all of the great kiting was done at the southern tip in either La Ventana or Los Barriles.


On the road we met 3 self supported bicyclists who had started somewhere in California and were heading all the way through Baja, across to the mainland and into Central America. The young man from China wanted to take a ship to Africa and bike the continent south to north. Ann talked to him about her crossing of the continent in 2009 though he wanted to do it self supported, a very different trip!

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