La Ventana, a Kiteboarder’s Paradise

November 5 – 12, 2015 

I had seen photos and read articles about La Ventana in Kiteboarder Magazine and it looked too good to be true. Turquoise blue, bathtub warm water and steady winds that blow almost every day. As we approached the town I suddenly saw about 40 kites above the water and knew we had arrived! Since our budget was already somewhat out of hand after our time across the US and the truck repairs etc. we were hoping to find a campground where we could park the truck for a week or so and go full immersion into the beach life.


The first campground that we came to was right on the water but it was just jammed with campers, trailers, vans and tents, wall to wall with no privacy or trees for shade at all. Much as I wanted to save some money this just wasn’t going to work.

We drove up and down the main drag, which is pretty much the only street. Adjacent to the campground is the main cluster of kiters but as you move up the street it thins out. We parked the truck and walked down a little street towards the beach where we saw some really nice houses and casitas. Towards the bottom of the street was a house marked office but with another sign that just said “Beach”. Apparently the owner was on the water.

Captain Kirk

Captain Kirk, as he is known, was down at the beach just coming in off of the water; a fit man of 60 who had bought this land over 20 years ago. Since it was just the beginning of the season and the crowds had yet to arrive he made us an offer we couldn’t refuse for 7 nights in one of the casitas (little houses). Kirk has been refining this place for over two decades and it is definitely a kiteboarders paradise.



The houses and casitas are private and beautifully landscaped. It’s a short walk to the beach. There are shaded cabanas at the beach so when you’re resting it’s in shaded comfort and you can visit with the other guests and watch the action until you’re ready to get back out on the water. Kirk has a full service center offering lessons in kiteboarding, windsurfing and stand up paddle. We stayed an extra night making it eight nights and seven days. We had good wind in all but one day.If you’re a wind and water sports enthusiast I highly recommend Captain Kirks in La Ventana, Baja Sur, Mexico.


20151106_120023 (1)






Kirk and Kitty owners of Captain Kirk’s


Ann Ingrid Jay Michel

We met Ingrid and Michel from Montreal Quebec who have riding their bikes From Canada into and across portions of the US and sections of Mexico, about 3500 kilometers so far! They decided to take a couple of months off and stay in La Ventana before continuing on into Central America. Michel is teaching kiteboarding and Ingrid is learning to kite also very rapidly. We love these people who are living life to its fullest!

2 thoughts on “La Ventana, a Kiteboarder’s Paradise

  1. I felt at the beginning of your adventure and exploration that you had arrived at Nirvana. My question is: why leave ? And the people seem great. Unfortunately it appears relaxing, calm, and peaceful, and Jay you are a lil pit bull with kite flying. I hope the rest of the adventure can compare. No wait, no comparisons. Thanks for including me on the blogsite


    1. Thanks for taking the time to read Marty. We are enjoying so much, the people the culture, the food, the challenge of the travel, all of it. Certainly we’ll land somewhere but who knows where or when?


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