We left the Oaxaca beaches and on to the state of Chiapas we went. The first stop was Chiapa de Corzo, a Pueblo Magico with access to Canon del Sumidero.

The lanchas (boats) that motor hordes of people 35 km at high speeds through the canyon on the dammed Rio Grijalva are the main draw of tourists for the town. Many things in this town seemed overpriced. We were told to try to be the first on the boat so we could sit up front and take photos of the canyon without the heads of 20 passengers in every photo. As it turned out we were dead last to enter the boat and we sat in the very back with all of the heads in front of us.


We just looked smugly at each other and laughed. How could the two of us be suckered into this over hyped and touristy thing to do? After all hadn’t we visited a few of the world’s greatest canyons without the loud motors and seemingly endless supply of tourists? But we saw a few crocodiles and some birds and the highest cliffs were over 2500 feet above the water level so that was something. And then it clicked, we were getting jaded with our traveling and we were most definitely canyon snobs!




The truth is, traveling like this a lot of hard work and not every day is wonderful. We appreciate how fortunate we are but occasionally we have bad days and become annoyed or tired of just about everything. Upon arrival here while searching for our hotel GPS directed us to the wrong side of town, the hotel did not have parking as promised and after an arduous search in the dark through narrow traffic clogged streets turned up a secure lot we dragged our suitcases over cobble stone streets to a dreary room and our first cockroach encounter the size of Jay’s thumb.

We decided it was time for an attitude adjustment. Partly, we just needed to acknowledge that some things will be more interesting than others. And partly, we just needed to accept that not every day will be fabulous and give ourselves a little slack when things don’t go swimmingly. We’ve been on the road for six months-the longest time away from the comforts and familiarity of our own home for both of us. There have been and will continue to be times when we just wonder what the heck we’re doing. And then we’ll get a good night’s rest and begin again with wonder and amazement of all there is to do and see.

On the drive from Oaxaca to Chiapas we drove through this windy spot, La Ventosa
The town square in Chiapa de Corzo had this unusual edifice.


For 20 extra pesos these car washers did the bikes as well.


Best car washers we’ve seen in Mexico.

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