Nuclear Winds

The winds at the reservoir Dique Cuesta del Viento (dam of the wind slope) can reach up to 125 kilometers per hour (77.6 mph) … wait – what? I can’t have read that right. Who can kitesurf in winds that strong? Upon reaching the water however on day one of our five day stay the winds were already clocking over 35 knots which is too strong for my smallest (9 meter) kite. The kite and windsurfers who frequent the reservoir told me that I’d have about a 1 ½ to 2 hour window in the late morning before the winds ramped up to “nuclear” in the early afternoon, the time that they love the best!

Sure enough, every day they’d get on the water just about the time that I’d get blown off the water. Grant it they had much smaller kites (5-7 meter) but watching these pros fly (literally) was really something. Even the windsurfers would take air while reaching unfathomable speeds in these high winds. In my experience this is the only kitesurfing destination where there is no season for wind. It blows hard and strong almost every day of the year.





It’s a beautiful place to kite!




The takeoff.
The flight!
The landing.


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