How would we kill time, transport ourselves, reduce food and lodging costs while waiting out the excruciatingly long time it would take to ship Amelia from South America to North America? Would you believe take a cruise? Back in Chile we met retired British travelers Millie and Brenda who told us about booking last minute cruises for fractions of the cost. Advice taken. Landing a 78% off fair on a cruise from Lima, Peru to San Diego, California we checked off transportation, food and lodging for 15 days. Wouldn’t it be nice not to worry about anything except what time breakfast, lunch and dinner would be served?

Holand America’s Maasdam
We took off before our car set sail out of  Lima Peru.


Not sure but this may be the Peruvian Navy..?






It’s hard to believe that the Pacific Ocean could be this calm anywhere.



Snoozin” and Cruisin”

Upon embarkation we were initially excited to be on board with an unexpected upgrade to a sea view windowed stateroom, luxurious high thread count sheets, twice daily cleaning and pampering of the endearing staff and of course more good food than we had any business consuming. After 18 months of hard independent travel in 15 countries and driving 33,000 miles (many treacherous) behind us, fifteen days of mindless lounging about seemed like a welcome diversion. And it was…for a couple of days.

Smaller than many cruise ships our ship held 1,200 passengers.
Ports of call offer a glimpse of the culture. This is Nicaragua…right next to the ship.
This Guatemalan woman does quite well selling crafts to cruise ship passengers.
This man balances rocks in Puerto Vallarta seemingly defying the laws of physics.
Ann in Manzanillo Mexico


I was very sorry to see that the museum of perversity was closed for the day.
Saw these odd fish swimming just off the dock at one port of call.
If it’s Tuesday this must be Puerto Vallarta.


We’re always learning about what suits us and what doesn’t and that has been especially true on this long journey. Simply stated- we’re not cruisers but that really shouldn’t be surprising to those who know us. Many, many people love them. We met folks who had been floating about on various bodies of water for several consecutive months. We’ve heard about elderly folks preferring a cruise ship over an assisted living facility and it’s possible we encountered some of them on this voyage. The close living quarters provided the ideal petridish for fostering viruses and we caught extremely nasty upper respiratory infections to prove it. For now at least while our bodies still function reasonably well we need more physical movement and more cultural interaction than a few hours on a shore excursion provides while docking at ports of call. Considering how violently sea sick I was on our final night on rough seas it wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say I’d rather endure a root canal.




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