Back in the USA

Our drive back across The States reminded us of some of the beauty and comfort in our own country. On the Interstate Highway system the driving was fast and smooth although by speeding across the country that fast we missed many of the small towns, restaurants, bars and people. Las Vegas was a drive-through for us and we find it strange that this unusually American icon had sprung up in the middle of a dessert. It was spring and the mountains still had significant snow cover even though most ski areas were closed. It took us five days to drive from San Diego to Indiana where we began our sojourn 19 months ago.

Everything’s BIGGER in the U.S.A. We couldn’t get over the size of some of the campers.
The strange and “fabulous” Las Vegas, emerges from the desert like a mirage. (photo montage borrowed from internet)

Springtime in the Colorado Rockies
There is still plenty of snow in the Colorado high country.
The Colorado National Monument, Grand Junction Colorado.

Amelia turned 200,000 miles in Iowa!

We’d planned a little over 60 days in Indiana to stop and let everything catch up with us as well as reconnoiter, disassemble, assess damage, make adjustments/repairs, rethink the contents we were carrying and plan the next leg of the journey into the Maritime Provinces of Canada. It was a time to reconnect with friends and family as well as reach deep into our awaiting basket of responsibilities. Funny they didn’t go away.

The Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore
Our beautiful Chicago.

Connecting with long time friends
Back with my Kiting brothers!
Wolf Lake, known for it’s gusty winds snapped this guy’s control bar right in half!
The garden at our temporary residence in Miller Beach, Indiana.
Spring oozing out all over.
Lake Michigan. High water levels and spring storms cut back the fore-dune banks.
A hike in Potato Creek State Park Indiana.


Protected Wetlands
Columbine in Indiana
A fuzzy picture of Woody Woodpecker who was modeled after this Pileated Woodpecker in Harbert, Michigan.

We have large beavers.
An early spring dip.

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