Tijuana Tacos

OK we’re back in the states and we’ve picked up Amelia, what’s the first thing we need to do? Let’s go back to Tijuana for some street tacos! Amelia’s last drive across Bolivia and up the coast of Peru took a huge toll on the ol’ gal. The front end was completely out of whack and a rear shock was broken loose, the tail pipe was broken clean off not to mention the Plexiglas rear window that we’ve been driving with since it was smashed in Argentina and a bag of clothes snatched. Tijuana was close and we had such good luck with mechanical work at the start of our Latin American tour we decided to take her down for a post trip diagnosis and rehabilitation – besides the $1 tacos in Tijuana were calling our names! We had the rear window replaced first and then the pitman arm, idler arm, two lower ball joints, four shock-absorbers, a front end alignment tires balanced and the tail pipe replaced and she was running straight and smooth and ready to cross the USA. The tacos alone are worth the trip to Tijuana; the low priced, high quality mechanic work was a bonus.

This Plexiglas replacement window served us well for several thousand miles…
…but it’s great to get back to the black smoke tint!
Ouch! This rear shock was broken off and dangling down. It’s no wonder she was riding a little rough.
$1 street Tijuana Tacos, so good!
Last chance before crossing back to the U.S.

Welcome all to the USA. I wonder, will this sign be changed with the new wall?

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